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This is an open continuous announcement. The initial cut-off date for referral is 09 March 2021 after this date additional referral lists will be created as vacancies are available. If you are referred and not selected or receive a letter indicating you were ineligible because of missing documents you must complete a new application package for this vacancy to receive further consideration.

Job Responsibilities

  • Serves as a senior evaluator/test officer for the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) wherein the assigned mission is to conduct test and evaluation of broad Army equipment categories (i.e., one or more of the following: soldier systems, artillery, small arms, armor, automotive, mines, countermines, demolition, recoilless rifles, mortars, non-lethal weapon systems, and ammunition) to determine whether such materiel is qualified for production and whether US Army standards of quality are being maintained. Serves as test team leader when test programs require the simultaneous effort of several test officers at ATC. During the course of these tests, the incumbent directs the activities of engineers and technicians assigned to the test team. Monitors the subtests being performed either directly or through a subordinate, to ensure compliance with the approved plan of the test. Integrates the results of the various subtests performed into the final formal report on the project. Interacts during the test process with a variety of personnel located at the installation (e.g., within Aberdeen Test Center, Army Research Laboratory, Army Evaluation Center, Army Test and Evaluation Command,) as well as engineering personnel from other ATEC test centers, Program Sponsors, DA, private industry representatives, and representatives of foreign governments. Determines the methods and procedures required to effectively test for technical performance, properties, design characteristics, reliability, and maintainability of systems/materiel and major sub-systems to assure that items meet military or other requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

US Citizenship

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